Don’t miss the little things.

One thing I have learned as a working mom is that you have to get the moments when they come…

Tonight I was getting the house picked up, dishes done, writing my blog, getting Mav’s bag packed for tomorrow, getting my clothes out for tomorrow and on and on.

then I looked out the corner of my eye and saw Maverick sitting on the step talking to his puppy. right then I dropped everything, grabbed my camera and turned his little moment into a mini photo shoot.

such a cute moment I’m glad I did not miss…. I’m so blessed to be his mom.

105 107 108

Maverick telling his puppy that he is 1

Maverick telling his puppy that he is 1




The mom guilt

The mom guilt….

When I was a little girl all I wanted to be was a mom!!!! I have the best mom and I wanted to be like her.

Well if you are a working mom like me the mom guilt always come’s when its time for work…I’m a retail manager so that means Nights, Weekends, Holidays, 50 hours a week and on and on…guilt and guilt and guilt….

So something I have promised my self is that I’m going to make the best of things because I have to work and to make as many memory as I can with my little guy. Last week I had 3 days off, we were eating breakfast I looked at Maverick and 20 min later we were in the car going on an adventure.

There is a shop in a town called Hudsonville, MI..I have always wanted to go there so that is where we went. Hudsonville is about 3 hours from us so I made sure we had lots of snacks, Elmo and drinks.




painted farmgirl. is a vintage flea market. it was super cute and I love the stuff they were selling. When we were getting ready to leave I realized that we were only 20 min away from Holland, MI. Holland is one of my favorite place’s in Michigan!!!!! back in the car we went and we kept our adventure going.

spring-summer 2016 070

In Holland we played on the playground, looked at the windmill from across the pond, and got ice cream.

spring-summer 2016 071

spring-summer 2016 065spring-summer 2016 064



Making memory’s with my kiddo is the best way to spend my day off!!!


        xoxo Erin

the Ani pinterest house

So there are a few things that you need to remember about one.

1. I can’t spell to save my life

2. My house is always a mess

I had to say this before I could go any further. See a little over a year ago my hubby and I bought our first house. I always have a pinterest vision in my head of what my house looks like


when in real life this is what it looks like

Blog 2-9-2016 003 Blog 2-9-2016 004

this area of our house is the Breeze way. It’s a great room that goes from our garage to our house. I have forever wanted to turn in into a space where Maverick can play and Tom and I can just talk and drink coffee, and for the past year it has just looked like a mess. Yes I have been doing little here and there but never stopped using it as a crap room.

This year I have made the decision that I’m going to get my house in order. And try to change my bad behavior of letting my house go to crap. So here is my project number one. The spring and summer are coming and I wanted to make sure we could use it.

So after 2.5 hours and a lot of music I was able to get this amazing room all taken care of

Blog 2-9-2016 016Blog 2-9-2016 011

the house came with this great wicker furniture. I’m in the process of revamping them. I wanted to keep the coolness with my funky style. So I spry painted it this cool funky magenta color with a tan color cushion. Here is a before and after. I’m still working on them but they are going to look great all done.

Blog 2-9-2016 010

I wanted to really cool way to hang jackets, hats, gloves and backpacks. I tool an old wire basket and a old gate door.

Blog 2-9-2016 012Blog 2-9-2016 013

I just love taking old things that people don’t want and turn them into cool new ways to use them. If you have brick in your house like this. I love these clips . They hold everything. That is also how I’m hanging this gate door.  I get them at the big HD (home  depot)

Blog 2-9-2016 012

I also wanted to give Maverick a place to play when we are out there. I took and set up his water/sand table. He got this for his birthday and had never been able to play with it. He is going to love it and this is a great place for his little friends to play also.

Blog 2-9-2016 017

There’s still things I would love to do to this area but I’m so excited that we get to use it this summer and now I get to go junkin!!!!!! I will post more pic when the area is done.

xoxo Erin

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentines day everyone!!!

Valentines day is one of my favorite holiday’s, the first being my BIRTHDAY!!!!! I always call Valentines day the national glitter holiday. Maybe that’s why I love the Holiday so much…. everything has glittler on it!!!!!!

This year I wanted to get a little creative with Maverick. So we made a card for Great Grandma Rose, and I made all my boys really cool candy/car bouquets. Both are so easy and fun. Here is the how to if you need a last min idea.

Mavericks Kissing card.

the first thing you are going to need is paper, paint, wet whips (help with clean up) and a empty tolit paper roll

the first thing you are going to need is paper, paint, wet whips (help with clean up) and an empty tolit paper roll

Next shape your toliet paper roll into a hart and tape it. This will help hold the shape.

Next shape your toliet paper roll into a hart and tape it. This will help hold the shape.

it should look something like this when your done.

it should look something like this when your done.

Now the fun comes. I really just let Maverick do his own thing. If he wanted to mix the colors I let him.

Dip the end in. Make sure you get a lot of paint on your heart so It all shows up.

Dip the end in. Make sure you get a lot of paint on your heart so It all shows up.

Blog 2-9-2016 028

After Maverick finished stamping the paper, I let it dry. Then the fun for me started. First I started with finding a cute picture of Maverick. From there I traced my hand, cut it out and set it to the side. I cut a hole the size of the photo so Mavericks picture would show through. Then at the wrist of the hand I bent it and then typed it right there. So they hand would go up and down in like a blowing a kiss motion. After that I wrote on the hand blowing kisses your way. And on the card I just wrote a message to Great Grandma. You can really write whatever you would like.

Blog 2-9-2016 030Blog 2-9-2016 031

Now for the candy bouquets I took step by step pictures of how I made them. They’re so easy I got everything at the dollar store and the candy from other places mainly Kroger. I just asked everybody what their favorite was and that’s how I went about it. For Maverick I did cars because he’s still too little to eat that much candy. But at the bottom of his I did put a little mini M&M’s because he does like M&M’s. I hope you have as much fun making these as I did.

Everything your going to need. Candy, Tape, tisue paper, sisoers, bow, floral fome, vase, balloon.

Everything your going to need. Candy, Tape, tissue paper, scissors, bow, floral foam, vase, balloon, kabab sticks.

fill the bottom of the vase with the small candy you are going to use

fill the bottom of the vase with the small candy you are going to use


make sure when your taping your candy to your stick that they are all facing he same way.


You need to cut you foam into V so it will fit into your vase

                       020 022

If you wrap your tissue paper around your foam if the tissue paper is too long feel free to trim it

Place your candy how you would like it,

Place your candy how you would like it,


And your done!!!! so fun and it only took me like 10 min for each one.

And your done!!!! so fun and it only took me like 10 min for each one.

Happy glitter holiday everybody I hope you get lots of love today.

Xoxo Erin

To Great Grandma’s House we go!!!!

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” Alex Haley

Today was a special day, today we went to visit My grandma Bunker (Mavericks great grandma Rose)

Grandma, papa and Maverick

Grandma, papa and Maverick

My grandma is a daughter, Wife (now a widow), a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a Great Grandmother and a friend. She is one of the strongest women I know. Her store is heartbreaking and survival, when she was a young girl her mother got very sick and passed. He father did not want her so she became an orphan. She lived in the orphanage untill her older sister was 18 and could take care of her. She lived her life working serving lunches, so that her kids could have the little that they had. I remember one time my Aunt telling me about how every night my grandma would go and clean all of her kids shoes so they were always clean and pretty. She did this because she never had new or clean shoes as a kid.

talking a walk with papa and Grandma Rose

talking a walk with papa and Grandma Rose

My Grandma loves all of us. I have such great memory’s from when I was a kid. I always loved spending the night at my grandparents. Every time I spent the night she would let me sleep in her bed, she would tuck me in and tell me stores about my dad. We always went shopping. She would have my mom come over and color her hair. I would have to go with my mom because she was going to grandma’s house. I would sit on the floor playing pickup sticks and just be apart of everything.

My grandma and I’s birthday is only 1 day apart. I am April 3rd and she is April 4th. When I was a kids she always asked why I could not hold on one more day so we could have the same birthday. I always told her it was because I need my own day (I still feel the same about the National Holiday).

My Grandma always made sure I had everything I needed and wanted. She always took my Brother and I school shopping. I have been told a story my whole life about when I was a toddler I saw her in the mall and started screaming out Maga Maga (the name I gave her). She know it was me from all the way across the mall.

Today before we took our trip to see great grandma Rose. Maverick had to make her a Valentine

Blog 2-9-2016 028

Blog post soon on how to

Blog 2-9-2016 027

Grandma has dementia so she has a hard time remembering us. When we got to the room Maverick gave her, her Valentine and she loved it.

Blog 2-9-2016 030Blog 2-9-2016 031

Out visit was so great. Maverick played with her dog and bears on her bed and she just giggled and kept saying he is just so cute and so sweet. She asked how old he was at least 110x, we played letters with her and took a walk around her home. She loved showing off Mav, dad and I and running (about the same speed) after Maverick around the halls. It was such a great memory today. She walked us out and on the way out I had to take a selfe with Mav, grandma and I. We had such a great visit with great grandma Rose. I know that Mav and grandma will not remember us doing this today. I’m so thankful I was able to snap a few photo’s to remember.

I love you grandma xoxo

grandma, me & Mav

grandma, me & Mav

Hello world it’s Mama Hall

Well… Here I am again jumping into the world of Blogging but in a different way. This blog is for all of the Working and Stay at home moms, to all the want to be moms, To all the under 40’s and over 40’s, To All the no sleeping kiddo moms, To all the mixed family moms, To all the crafters, To all the dreamers, To all the Junkers,To all the makeup loving or not, To all the messy house moms, To all the bad cook moms, To all the bad spellers (like me!!!), To all the voices you feel like you don’t have, To all the chubby women, To all the Skinny women, To the health moms, To all the eat junk food moms, To all the women no matter how old or how young, this blog is for you, this blog is for me. This blog is a place to learn about my crazy life Running the Hall’s

Mom Hall and her Boy's

Mama Hall and all her Hall boy’s

p.s. I just wanted to get it up and going..It will be much prettier soon 🙂 I have some learning to do.