Hello world it’s Mama Hall

Well… Here I am again jumping into the world of Blogging but in a different way. This blog is for all of the Working and Stay at home moms, to all the want to be moms, To all the under 40’s and over 40’s, To All the no sleeping kiddo moms, To all the mixed family moms, To all the crafters, To all the dreamers, To all the Junkers,To all the makeup loving or not, To all the messy house moms, To all the bad cook moms, To all the bad spellers (like me!!!), To all the voices you feel like you don’t have, To all the chubby women, To all the Skinny women, To the health moms, To all the eat junk food moms, To all the women no matter how old or how young, this blog is for you, this blog is for me. This blog is a place to learn about my crazy life Running the Hall’s

Mom Hall and her Boy's

Mama Hall and all her Hall boy’s

p.s. I just wanted to get it up and going..It will be much prettier soon :) I have some learning to do.