To Great Grandma’s House we go!!!!

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” Alex Haley

Today was a special day, today we went to visit My grandma Bunker (Mavericks great grandma Rose)

Grandma, papa and Maverick

Grandma, papa and Maverick

My grandma is a daughter, Wife (now a widow), a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a Great Grandmother and a friend. She is one of the strongest women I know. Her store is heartbreaking and survival, when she was a young girl her mother got very sick and passed. He father did not want her so she became an orphan. She lived in the orphanage untill her older sister was 18 and could take care of her. She lived her life working serving lunches, so that her kids could have the little that they had. I remember one time my Aunt telling me about how every night my grandma would go and clean all of her kids shoes so they were always clean and pretty. She did this because she never had new or clean shoes as a kid.

talking a walk with papa and Grandma Rose

talking a walk with papa and Grandma Rose

My Grandma loves all of us. I have such great memory’s from when I was a kid. I always loved spending the night at my grandparents. Every time I spent the night she would let me sleep in her bed, she would tuck me in and tell me stores about my dad. We always went shopping. She would have my mom come over and color her hair. I would have to go with my mom because she was going to grandma’s house. I would sit on the floor playing pickup sticks and just be apart of everything.

My grandma and I’s birthday is only 1 day apart. I am April 3rd and she is April 4th. When I was a kids she always asked why I could not hold on one more day so we could have the same birthday. I always told her it was because I need my own day (I still feel the same about the National Holiday).

My Grandma always made sure I had everything I needed and wanted. She always took my Brother and I school shopping. I have been told a story my whole life about when I was a toddler I saw her in the mall and started screaming out Maga Maga (the name I gave her). She know it was me from all the way across the mall.

Today before we took our trip to see great grandma Rose. Maverick had to make her a Valentine

Blog 2-9-2016 028

Blog post soon on how to

Blog 2-9-2016 027

Grandma has dementia so she has a hard time remembering us. When we got to the room Maverick gave her, her Valentine and she loved it.

Blog 2-9-2016 030Blog 2-9-2016 031

Out visit was so great. Maverick played with her dog and bears on her bed and she just giggled and kept saying he is just so cute and so sweet. She asked how old he was at least 110x, we played letters with her and took a walk around her home. She loved showing off Mav, dad and I and running (about the same speed) after Maverick around the halls. It was such a great memory today. She walked us out and on the way out I had to take a selfe with Mav, grandma and I. We had such a great visit with great grandma Rose. I know that Mav and grandma will not remember us doing this today. I’m so thankful I was able to snap a few photo’s to remember.

I love you grandma xoxo

grandma, me & Mav

grandma, me & Mav

Hello world it’s Mama Hall

Well… Here I am again jumping into the world of Blogging but in a different way. This blog is for all of the Working and Stay at home moms, to all the want to be moms, To all the under 40’s and over 40’s, To All the no sleeping kiddo moms, To all the mixed family moms, To all the crafters, To all the dreamers, To all the Junkers,To all the makeup loving or not, To all the messy house moms, To all the bad cook moms, To all the bad spellers (like me!!!), To all the voices you feel like you don’t have, To all the chubby women, To all the Skinny women, To the health moms, To all the eat junk food moms, To all the women no matter how old or how young, this blog is for you, this blog is for me. This blog is a place to learn about my crazy life Running the Hall’s

Mom Hall and her Boy's

Mama Hall and all her Hall boy’s

p.s. I just wanted to get it up and going..It will be much prettier soon :) I have some learning to do.